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BMW PPF F Series LCI Instrument Cluster Screen Protection Film Kit

BMW PPF F Series LCI Instrument Cluster Screen Protection Film Kit

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BMW F Series LCI Instrument Cluster Screen Protection Film Kit

Despite using gentle microfiber cloths during cleaning, the manufacturer's anti-glare layer on the cluster is prone to scratches and swirls. Consequently, when exposed to direct sunlight, the cluster becomes challenging to read due to the unattractive scratches, thereby undermining the intended effectiveness of the anti-glare layer.

After applying this protective film, any pre-existing scratches or swirls on the cluster will be concealed and camouflaged beneath the film's surface.

The utilized Paint Protection Film is a top-quality automotive film that showcases exceptional clarity, durability, and incorporates inhibitors to prevent yellowing. This guarantees a sustained, pristine OEM+ appearance over an extended period.


  • 1 Series LCI (F20/F21), including M135i & M140i
  • 2 Series LCI (F22/F23/F87), including M235i, M240i, M2 & M2C.
  • X2 (F39)

Please ensure you have the 6WB LCI / Facelift model cluster, which was put on from 2017 onwards. 

Film Type:

The Gloss Transparent finish features a high gloss appearance that effectively enhances the resolution and color of the underlying instrument display, resulting in a brighter and more vibrant visual experience.

*The area of yellow outline in the picture demonstrates the coverage area.*

What's included?

1 x Pre-cut Instrument Cluster Protection Film Kit


It is advisable to consult professional installers for assistance. Nevertheless, the installation process is straightforward. Ensure that your instrument cluster is thoroughly cleaned and free from dust and dirt. Then, using a mixture of soapy water, apply the film to the cluster and use a squeegee to remove the water mixture until no moisture remains. The film will naturally cure and dry during this process.



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