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Blank Bracket for Badge

Blank Bracket for Badge

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This comes *blank* with *no badge* attached.

For those who have purchased a singular badge and then decided after that they want a bracket for their badge.

Simple stick your badge onto the bracket and install.

Please be aware, this may not fit all type of grills, therefore fitment is not guaranteed. The badges that have been specifically listed with the bracket are tried and tested and will fit 100%.

The width of this bracket is also shorter than the MKY Badges made for the 2 Series F44 and 3 Series G Models, therefore slight overhang of the badge over the bracket is to be expected, though it will still work for a more secure fit (should you find somewhere to attach it on those grills).

This comes *blank* with *no badge* attached.
You will receive 1 x bracket to secure to your grill.


Installation Method:
Remove the grill from the car and slot the prongs around the slats of the grill and secure with the two silver rings onto the plastic bar (see image for reference) (may be a tight/loose fit- silver rings may need altering slightly to get a snug fit). Ensure the badge no longer moves around freely and enjoy!

Any questions or query's please don't hesitate to message us at
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