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Carbon Fibre BMW 50th Year Anniversary Bonnet Badge Emblem

Carbon Fibre BMW 50th Year Anniversary Bonnet Badge Emblem

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BMW M - Carbon Fibre 50 Years Anniversary Bonnet Badge

Made from Genuine high quality Pre-Preg carbon fibre in a 2x2 twill weave. 

Suitable for most BMW models with either 74mm or 82mm bonnet badges. 

Supplied as a set of 1.

Please measure the diameter of your bonnet badge before buying.


These are caps that simply stick over your existing badge, therefore no pry tools to remove your old badge is necessary. Simply stick the adhesive 3M tape that is included with the badge over your old badge.


BMW M will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022, and the German marque has announced a few special touches available.

The big change with the special edition models comes in the form of the BMW emblem, which is replaced by one that has the classic BMW Motorsport colors around the famous roundel. The anniversary logo is featured on the front and rear of the vehicle, as well as on the wheel hubs. 

BMW M first used the shifted semicircles in blue, violet, and red on its racing cars back in 1973. The three-color stripes slanted to the right and leaning on the M letter first appeared on the BMW M1. The same model was the only BMW M car to have the logo with the three-color stripes and the historic motorsport emblem. 

Any true BMW fan will know that, out of those three-color stripes, the blue color stands for BMW, the red is meant to symbolize racing, while the violet expresses the connection between the marque and competitions. Those with a keen eye for details might have noticed that the traditional violet has given way to a dark blue.


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